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NDO Recruitment is part of NDO Consultants Ltd.
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Why Us?.........

We are different!
Lets face it, an obvious opening statement claimed by many, however we genuinely believe and aim to deliver on that very statement.

Recruitment is only part of what we do, as part of a larger organisation offering Commercial & Technical Training in addition to Business and Marketing Consultancy services, we do not offer services in every sector of business. We are dedicated to staying with what we know, we will not take on any recruitment that we do not understand and have at least some experience of within our team of consultants.

We are knowledgeable in a wide variety of business aspects, hence our effective training solutions (www.ndotraining.com) and we apply this knowledge and considerable common sense to our recruitment work.

Our costs are reasonable and we have a variety of packages available to ensure all business types and sizes can utilise our expertese. (see our Recruitment Rates page)

We believe it is industrial experience that provides the key ingrediant to making an effective Recruitment Consultant. This ensures only quality genuine candidates are put forward, rather than any CV with a great deal of hope!, they do say 'there is no substitute for experience' - That's Us!